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Kim Penner’s “A Moment in Time” painting of Hickstead.

“…the horse, throughout the history of art, has been a subject which has inspired some of the greatest painters – not for its carrying alone of illustrious people, nor only for its magnificence and poignancy on the battlefield, but for its simple grace and beauty, whether that its reflected by the horse’s place in the country scene, or, more particularly, in the beauty of a mare’s mothering of her foal.”
~ Frank Crew

For your home, business or office, art is a great investment financially and personally. Art plays a key role in the environment you surround yourself with. Create an atmosphere that will inspire, uplift and promote positive conversations!

Kim Penner is an award winning Professional Equine Artist. She paints Original Artwork as well as providing her art in Gicleé on Canvas.

She paints what she knows. Having had grown up around horses, Kim developed a passion for horses and for painting them at a young age.

By mastering an artistic form of hyper realism, Kim has proven her proficiency in the realm of art, nature and all things equine that is not easily rivaled. Whether her subjects are wild horses or domesticated horses her research has taken her all across the North-American landscape, experiencing all the topography of this grand and diverse continent ensuring she is always within the vanguard of her artistic field.

Kim Penner paints Western Horses, English Horses, Heavy Horse and creates her art using her knowledge of their natural surroundings. Her artwork is sought after worldwide.

Kim takes also takes commissions for Horse Portraits.

“In this busy world everyone needs to experience some “timeless” moments during the day – times when we realize we are connected to something bigger, creative and with purpose.”
~ Kim Penner

"Art is simply defined as a communication of the truth of the beauty of the world."

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