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Kim Penner Horse Art Gallery
Box 5509
Lacombe Alberta Canada
T4L 1X2

phone: (403) 786-8691

What are People Saying About Kim Penner’s Horse Art

Charles Tomlinson (Edmonton, Alberta) :
“Kim’s horse art has exceptional detail and is very competitively priced. We love the gicleé’s and originals that we purchased from her. Every time I look at her work I see something new and inspiring.”

Katherine Corkery (Calgary, Alberta) :
“Kim’s art brings out the emotion I would like to have. I really enjoy the feeling of being right in her paintings with the horses.”

“Her gicleé’s and originals are very competitively priced.”

Dave from 2A Auto (Lacombe , Alberta) :
“We really enjoy having Kim’s art in our office. Customers want to know who painted it and where the location is in the painting. A lot of our customers have horses and they try to find their horses in Kim’s painting. They are excited to find out that this award winning artist lives here in Alberta.”

“Her art is a good conversation piece and a good investment in my business. I often see customers looking at the painting in my office. It gets alot of attention.”

Tom & Doreen Colbert (Dauphin , Manitoba) :
“Kim’s art brings me to a place I have been or want to be. We have both originals and gicleé’s in our home and really enjoy them. People who see them are blown away by Kim’s work and want to know where we got them from. Her art is a good investment.”

Jim Bailey from Heritage Chrysler (Lacombe , Alberta) :
“Anyone who loves horses loves the painting we have of Kim’s in our showroom. A lady was in the other day and wanted to know where I got the painting from and who had done it. She was excited to find out that the artist lives just a few miles down the road from us. Kim’s art is a great conversation piece.”