Kim Penner Horse Art

Horse art has been sought after by horse enthusiasts all over the world for centuries.  Kim Penner has a passion for horses which fuels her special gift for being able to bring every detail of these magnificent animals to life in her beautiful acrylic paintings. 

Kim has built her reputation through the years creating images of english horses, western horses, draft horses, sport horses, and wild horses all in their natural surroundings.  Whether they are grazing in green Kentucky pastures, walking through tall prairie grasses or galloping  across the meadows of the majestic Rocky Mountain foothills, Kim Penner has been able to capture the spirit of the horse. 

Her horse art gives you the feeling that you are right there at the same moment in time that has been captured in her heart.

Kim Penner is an award winning artist of Equine Art.  Her original art is available for sale as well as limited edition gicle’e prints on Canvas.  Kim’s work is also licensed by a number of companies producing calendars, puzzles, greeting cards and other stationary products and is marketed internationally.

“In this busy world everyone needs to experience some “timeless” moments during the day – times when we realize we are connected to something bigger, creative and with purpose.”
~ Kim Penner