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Commission Art

Having your horse painted is a beautiful way to treasure your friend for a lifetime. I have painted many commissions. Some have focussed on just the horses head and others have incorporated the horse(s) full body.  Backgrounds have ranged from very minimal to very detailed landscapes of specific locations. Some of the custom pieces have been for people or organizations who do not own the particular horse(s).  They have been created for that special spot in their home or business,awards,retirement gifts, or artwork for event promotion. 

Beginning Your Commission 

I work from your photographs which must represent your horse well. I can place the horses in another setting that would represent them in a meaningful way. Maybe there is an area that is special to you, such as a place you love to ride or the area you grew up in. Perhaps it’s somewhere you see each day that inspires you.
Because I work in a realistic style, I do require good reference material.

Pricing of Commissions

The price of commissions are based on size and complexity. You can see a similar comparison for price throughout my gallery of originals and commissions.
I often choose the framing for the piece after discussing the style you prefer. Framing prices are an additional cost.

Booking a Commission

Because commissions are quite specific to an individual, I prefer to discuss it in person or over the phone. If you would like a piece done for a special occasion, please inquire 6 – 12 months in advance.

Payment Schedule

50% when booking. Remaining 50% + GST and applicable shipping charges upon completion.
Framing costs are extra.