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Horse Art by Kim Penner

From her home outside of Lacombe, Alberta, internationally recognized and award winning artist Kim Penner spends her days cultivating her art and raising her family.

Raised near Morden, Manitoba, Kim developed a genuine interest and appreciation for horses at an early age. Having owned horses since the age of 10, Kim has steadily developed a close connection with the subjects she adores so much and with whom she spends so much of her time. Through the encouragement and support of her parents, Kim entered her renderings into local fairs and art festivals, establishing a reputation at an early age as a budding prodigy, capable of mastering the artistic interaction between observations, representation and reality. She would later go on to graduate from the University of Manitoba with degrees in both Fine Arts and Education.

Whether her subjects are wild or domestic, Kim focusses on correct anatomy as well as the natural beauty of her subjects. Not only does she pay attention to detail, Kim also strives to portray the nature and spirit of the horses that she paints. Her love for nature is evident in the landscapes that she incorporates into her compositions. The hours spent painting in her studio are inspired by the many hours of travel researching the beautiful and diverse North American Landscape.

Kim Penner